2022 and it’s still COVID!

When 2020 was happening, we were all wishing it would end, confused, tired, lonely, missing our culture, our connections, our humanity. Little did we know that it would not only continue on into 2021, but get worse.  Affecting our livelihood, our ability to be human with our families, our churches, our schools,

Should You Get the COVID Vaccine When it Becomes Available?

This is the crux of this whole debate on vaccines.  For the most part, they are amazing, and yes there are sometimes adverse events.  As humans we prefer a world of binary opposites, good versus bad.  The reality is, the good and bad exist simultaneously in a whole world of grey.  

My Privileged White Bullshit

As a white woman I feel guilty for referencing my own personal experiences with sexism and oppression because in truth I can not even begin to understand the experience of the day to day fear involved with breathing in this society while black. As a white woman I can not even begin to understand the experience of a black mother, Adrienne, who has to explain to her teenage son--full of youth and invincibility, that he can absolutely NOT go...