Everybody knows that a gift certificate to the spa is like the BEST EVER gift.  It won’t get worn once and buried in the closet, it won’t be the wrong color or the wrong size, it won’t be regifted, and it won’t end up unused in the trash or the good will pile.

A gift certificate to I.M. Spa is a gift of health and love.  You know everybody you give a gift card to is going to their  warm fuzzy place that feels amazing, smells divine, makes life better, and helps them maintain balance and sanity in this overbusy, overstressed world.

So I won’t tell you that you need to get some gift certificates for everybody on your list for Christmas because you already know that.  But I will tell you how best to go about getting it done.

  1. Call us in advance (479-251-7422) and we will have your gift certificate wrapped and ready when you come to pick it up (we wrap them like Christmas Presents).
  2. Swing by to pick up and pay for your gift and choose a beautiful gift basket of spa goodies to go with it.

We’ll be open 10 till 5 Tuesday the 16th the through Friday the 20th, 10 till 5 Monday the 23rd and Christmas Eve, and 9 till 5 on Saturdays till Christmas Eve. 

Closed Christmas Day and Closed on the 26th.  Open again for business on the 27th so you can come use those gift certificates!