What I did before school today mom!

  1. made oatmeal for breakfast and woke the kids up
  2. made raw marinara and spiralized zucchini pasta for kids (and parents’ lunches)
  3. made strawberry banana smoothie for lunch snacks
  4. let Sean, my 15 year old, drive himself and Ben, my 8 year old, to school (I still get to be in the passenger seat).
  5. printed out W2s
  6. printed payroll checks
  7. paid mortgage, AMTA membership, spa rent, postage stamps, and other bills
  8. updated quickbooks files
  9. dropped off payroll checks at work
  10. ran by the bank
  11. printed W3, 1099s, and 1096
  12. moved 2 dental appointments
  13. gathered end of year tax documents (inventory, accounts receivable, etc)
  14. made and ate guacamole
  15. studied statistics for school
  16. Caught the bus to the University at 1–in class till 6.