It’s cold, cold, cold outside and this is the perfect time of year for a Hot Stone Massage!  Every year we do a special on Hot Stone Massages for Valentine’s Day, but this year is different!

We are cutting the price of a Hot Stone Massage from $125 to $100!  Permanently.  That’s a $25 savings.  Always.

Now there is no reason for you to just get a regular massage.  If it’s winter time you should at least get 3 Hot Stone Massages.  One a month.  Because that’s how cold it is.  It takes the edge off and gives you something to look forward to in the cold.

And if you’ve never had a Hot Stone Massage then, “Shame on you!”  You deserve it.  Get on in here!

Schedule a Valentine’s Day Hot Stone Massage:  479-251-7422

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