It’s my first week in pathophysiology class in Nursing School this summer.  The work load is crushing and dense.  It’s not like reading a fiction book, and so far we have blasted through 6 chapters.  200 pages done out of the 1092 total in this mammoth book in the first week.  If you don’t hear from me for a while, please understand why.

I have discovered also in this first week of school, that the reason there is a pathophysiology class unexpectedly available this summer is because 15 students failed it in the Spring semester.  That’s 15% of the class.  Hmm.  Should I be concerned?  The UofA program is difficult to get into.  I think their cutoff GPA for admittance is 3.5 or 3.6.  These students are not slackers.  Why are they failing the class?

We’ve also discovered that our teacher just learned that she was teaching this class 3 weeks before the class started, one day before we knew there was a class available.  She’s not a pathophysiology teacher.  She’s a critical care clinical teacher.  She said she hasn’t looked at her pathophysiology stuff since she was a student.

I guess we’ll all be learning together.