Cask and Grove
Cask and Grove

Cask and Grove, a new oil and vinegar shop on Center Street.

As a small business owner, I value small businesses. We have the best small business community here in Fayetteville, with very unique, high quality, one of a kind talents, services, and goods.
When I’m thinking about getting a gift for a family member, friend, or colleague I actively look for things to buy that they can’t find anywhere else, that are unique to their personality, and that are high quality and local.  I want my money to stay in my community. I don’t want it to go to some corporate headquarters that got tax subsidies for bringing their ginormous, monochromatic styles to our city.
I want to shop in a place where people make eye contact, say “hey, how are you doing, I’m so glad to see you.”
I want to connect with people from my community when I’m in their businesses. Revel in what they are geeky about. Be excited about their skills and talents.
I like to walk into a small local business and know that there is only one store on the planet with this particular layout. It is unique. It has its on flavor. And it is beautiful.
We are lucky to live in a place with such active support of small local businesses. This community really shows that we put our money back into our community, supports our local businesses, uniqueness, and diversity.
The best vote we have in this country is where we spend our dollars. We choose what we believe in every time we spend. I believe in Fayetteville local businesses.
Thank you for shopping local this season.
There are some fabulous new shops downtown.  Andrea K. who used to do massage here with us at I.M. Spa opened up her own local business called Cask and Grove. I never knew that there was a whole world of infused oils and balsamic vinegars.  When you go in there you can taste all the flavors, like fig balsamic with blood orange olive oil, or peach balsamic with chipotle olive oil.  They’re on Center Street just across from Taste of Thai.
Center Street Mercantile

Center Street Mercantile

Another fabulous new shop that just opened up is The Center Street Mercantile. It’s underneath David Adams jewelry shop.  They have intricately beaded bracelets, hand made laundry soaps, and cleaning supplies, hand carved crafts, locally sourced jams, even crocheted flamingos.


And our newest neighbor on Block Street is Foxtrot.  They have one of a kind styles and if you are in the neighborhood to check out their boutique, you get the bonus of being able to pet their resident chocolate lab.

I.M. Spa (of course!) bubble bath, body scrubs, skin care, candles, and gift certificates
The Mustache-All kinds of great gifts.  Brian and his wife have brought a unique shop together sourcing local independent goods all from their travels all over the country.
Surf Arkansas at the Moustache

Surf Arkansas at the Moustache

Little Bread Co. (great handmade cookies-with your kids names on them, custom cakes, and pastries)
Wit & Whimsy-Boutique. This young woman is an inspiring entrepreneur from Missouri who came to Fayetteville with her fashion and business. Love her.
Ultra Studios-Fashion boutique & salon. Brooke Benham owns this beautiful shop and now she does hair too.  Love it here.
Himalayan Mountain Shop-cool imports from Nepal & Bhutan.  Have I told you lately how much I LOVE Lama Thinley and Sandy from the Himalayan Mtn. Shop?  Their store is awesome!

Lama Thinley at the Himalayan Mtn Shop

Lama Thinley at the Himalayan Mtn Shop

Block Street Records-records, cds, music
Handmade Market-lovely gift shop
Dark Star Visuals-Bead,Specialty gifts, and Boutique. Stacy at Dark Star is old school Fayetteville and a treasure to have downtown.  Her most recent passion is healing stones.  They are dazzling. Ask her about them when you go in. Everybody needs a little healing.

Dark Star Visuals

Dark Star Visuals

Savoir Faire-Boutique
World Treasures-Guatemalan Imports. I aspire to go back and forth to Guatemala as often as these guys do. In the meantime I can pick up gifts for my family there that give us a taste of what it is like there. So grateful to have them in our neighborhood of shops.

World Treasures

World Treasures

Uncle Sam’s-Outdoor Gear and apparel.
Flying Possum Leather-Birkenstock and leather shop
Swifts-Jewelry store
Terra Tots-Earth Friendly Kid Shop
Blue Moon Music-awesome stringed music shop and instrument repair
Good Things Boutique– organic clothing boutique
Nightbird Books-Keep this treasured book store hopping!  Shop there often. My kids always ask for gift cards from Nightbird (especially Ben-he’s a readaholic).
Pack Rat-These guys have had this shop for a looong time. They are committed to clean, green products, community, and anything outdoors.  Love them.  And when you go shop there, say hey to my son Levi!

Levi Helping Ben With the Climbing Wall

Levi Helping Ben With the Climbing Wall

Packrat Owners, too beautiful!

Packrat Owners, too beautiful!

Don’t forget the Little Craft Show is coming up this weekend!
And if you want good eats while you are out and about:
Zuppa Zuppa soup kitchen is at the Yacht Club. Ann is definitely a master chef.  Good healthy eats to be had over there and that is hard to come by.
Zuppa Zuppa

Zuppa Zuppa

Taste of Thai is always amazing and we are addicted to their Evil Jungle Prince with Vegetables!

Green House Grille has organic, locally sourced foods that are yummy.

Farmer’s Table just opened this year and it is run by this amazing couple who are so active in our community working with Feed Fayetteville to improve foods in our community.  Good stuff!

There are tons more great food places at the Yacht Club on College, Center Street, and Dickson.  So many flavors, so little time.

And I almost forgot!  We have this sweet new tea shop downtown called Savoy Tea Company that sells great drinks, smoothies, and teas.  It’s a great place to take your neice or nephew for a date (that’s what I like to do!) and have special one on one time.

And you should definitely check out Underwood Jewelers on Dickson Street.

And if you have a kid who likes longboarding (or a grown up kid) you HAVE to go to The Path.  They even kept me from shopping at the mall this season cuz they carry Vans shoes.

And we just discovered this beautiful shop on College Avenue, Dick Palmer Archery.  He is 81 years old and has been there making custom made arrows since forever.  He stocks leather finger guards and quivers for arrows, hunting gear, and even slingshots.  I have been in Fayetteville since 1993 and I am just now discovering this hidden gem.  And I have 4 boys.  Jeez!  Please go check it out.  He’s a treasure.
I heard there is a new gourmet kitchen shop on Dickson Street but I’m not sure where it is yet.  And Lauren Jamesstarted out as an online store but just set up brick and mortar on Dickson Street as well.


Our website (I.M. Spa) has been updated to make it easy to buy gift certificates.  You can find us here


Can’t wait to see you downtown! There are sooo many good things happening here! Come discover them!

Wendy Finn is the mother of 4 boys, owner of I.M. Spa, a Raw Food Enthusiast and educator, a world traveler in pursuit of superior massage education, a Master Massage Therapist of 20 plus years, a gardener, and a nursing student.  She’s passionate about touching people and sharing health.