Thai Massage Continuing Education

I travel to Thailand and study Thai massage and I’m so excited to be able to offer this in our community here in the middle of the United States. Arkansas no less.   In Thailand, as you are walking through the markets Thai people are massaging each other, there are foot massage businesses set up, one right after another, there is a Thai massage school on temple grounds, it is part of the culture.  Unlike massage in the United States, receiving a Thai massage is a community affair.  It’s like going to the barber shop.  Thai massage is done in open rooms on slightly elevated tables that fit multiple people on them.  It’s a place to go to catch up on the gossip, do things together in community or as a family.

The following Class is offered January 27 and 28, 2018.

I love Thai massage for many reasons.  Three of the reasons are because, one,  it’s very accessible.  When my kids are having issues at soccer, or one of their teammates is suffering with a muscle spasm, I have Thai massage techniques that don’t require a table to access.  Also, the stretches are phenomenal and easy to use on the team if we are out of town waiting for the next game.

The second reason I love Thai massage is because again, it is very accessible.  Some people have issues with getting naked for a massage.  This eliminates that problem completely.  Thai massage is done fully clothed.  Anybody can receive Thai massage.

The third main reason I love Thai massage is because I use it to teach couples and moms how to use massage for each other.  The postures and stances I teach are great for using in everyday situations.  All of those complaints of, “my hands get tired so easy when I’m doing massage,” or, “my back hurts when I’m doing it,” go away.  Thai massage postures make massage an ‘in the living room, on the sidelines’ accessibility that you just can’t get from a classic Swedish massage.

And, of course, Thai massage feels amazing.

It doesn’t seem right not to give honorable awesomeness mentions to Thai abdominal massage and Thai stretches.  (I just can’t limit it to 3).

Thai massage is amazing.  You should add it to your repertoire.  Your clients will love you for it.

Class is offered at Blue Cliff College, January 27th and 28th, 8:30am to 6:30p.m.   Class is $395, early bird pricing before 12/31/17 is $345.  Approved by the Arkansas Department of Health.  Sign up through Blue Cliff College in Fayetteville, Arkansas 479-521-2SPA (as Ellen May from White River School of Massage used to say 🙂